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I am a collaborative performance maker. My practice is built around long-standing collaborations where the close relationship between a small group of people becomes part of the very material used in the work. The tension between the individual and the group, the fine line between performing and not performing, and the collaboration developed with the audience over the course of a performance are all elements explored in my work. Through collective imagining, physical movement and unscripted moments, I navigate fragility and the live negotiation between performer and audience.

I work with Karen Christopher as a duet-partner and I am part of the performance group JAMS with Jemima Yong, Alan Fielden and Malachy Orozco. I am in the last year of my MFA in Performing Arts with a focus on directing at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. 

To see a CV with selected projects, click here.

Part of photo by Jemima Yong 

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